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Networking - Power Teams vs. Linchpins

When it comes to business networking, you never know who people know. One of the important keys to being successful at building a powerful personal network is that of diversity.

It’s tempting to want to network mainly with other business professionals who work with clients in a similar target market; in other words, network with business professionals with similar clients. These are commonly known as Power Teams, i.e. businesses that have synergy with your own.

Although it is good to include these people in your personal network, any attempt to network with them exclusively would be a tremendous mistake. The problem with this is that when we surround ourselves with people who have similar contacts it may be difficult to make connections with new people or companies with which we desire to do business with.

A diverse personal network enables you to increase the possibility of including connectors or "linchpins" in your network. Linchpins are people who in some way cross over between two or more Power Teams or groups of individuals. In effect, they have overlapping interests or contacts that allow them to link groups of people together easily.

When it comes to networking, diversity is key because it allows us to locate these connectors, or linchpins, between different groups of people. The best way to increase the number of linchpins in your network is to develop a diverse network—not a homogeneous one.

So, to summarise, have a look around the room right now, who can you see this morning that could be a linchpin for your business? You should see some new possibilities by choosing someone in this room to have a 121 with this week as a Linchpin to get you into a different business circle. So, pick someone, book a 121 and open your business to a brand new market.

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