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Why hiring a virtual assistant is the best thing you could do

I’m Holly from Virtually Organised, your local virtual assistant.

Entrepreneurs, listen up.

Many entrepreneurs, put a great deal of thought in surrounding themselves with talented and dynamic people who add to the success of their business endeavours.

The abilities and contributions of their team often determine the overall outcome of their project. Yet there is one position often overlooked by the most ambitious and successful entrepreneurs. No, it isn’t a VP or manager. It is a virtual executive assistant. I’m not referring to someone who spends the day merely opening mail, pouring coffee, and answering the phone. I am talking about an individual who, if well placed, can enhance your productivity and brand ten-fold by compensating for weaknesses, enhancing professionalism, expanding productivity, and increasing the organisation of your company. While some entrepreneurs utilise current software or mobile devices to help with their administrative tasks, nothing compares to the benefits of a skilled virtual executive assistant.

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