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Can you rely on a Virtual PA?

Being a successful virtual PA isn’t simply helping someone with their admin or supporting their business, it’s knowing how to manage and communicate with them. And sadly a lot of virtual PAs seem to be lacking many of the skills needed.

I’ve been shocked at how many of the stories I’ve heard. Stories that have been told to me by clients and new enquiries.

What are the most Essential Virtual P.A qualities;

Excellent Communication Skills

Time Management

Resourcefulness ( ie not being thick)

Managing expectations and instilling confidence

Adding value

Integrity as I work alone

And finally;


This is one of the most important ones because sadly it seems to be the most common issue. A huge number of clients told me they’d been let down by flaky virtual PAs who messed them about, didn’t report back on their progress, or simply didn’t deliver it at all. The virtual PA just disappeared, didn’t answer their calls or emails, and generally messed them about until they stopped chasing them and went off to find another virtual PA who did want their business.

This is totally inexcusable and not only gives the Virtual PA industry a bad name, but the next Virtual PA they call has to take the brunt of the client’s suspicion and doubt about how effective using a virtual PA actually is. I was embarrassed when I heard these stories.

Professionalism is paramount in my industry so if a client calls you then you must ring them back, if you get an email then you must reply! When referring me to your contacts, you can rest assured that your reputation will be upheld and I will exceed your contacts expectations.

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