• Virtually Organised

An effective Virtual assistant helps promote your brand by adding another level of professionalism.

Do you answer your own phone calls? Do you schedule your own appointments? If so, you could be missing out on opportunities that were withheld simply because a client wasn’t willing to take you seriously. Most business owners secure a number of contacts because they assign their VA to the task of contacting the desired client. Make it a habit to refer peers or clients to your virtual assistant to schedule meetings or appointments. Some may be put off by this dialogue. But what they need to understand is that they are not being blown off or disregarding them. Instead, they value their information or time enough to be sure they are not forgotten.

An unexpected benefit of hiring a VA is discovering how people began to respect your time when they needed to work with a virtual assistant. If a person is willing to work through your virtual assistant for a desired contact, they must feel their matter is important. When clients have direct access to the business owner, they don’t always take your time and busy schedule into consideration. A VA represents you. The way a VA conducts herself is a direct reflection of you and your business brand. A professional, friendly, intelligent VA not only enhances the day-to-day function of your business, but also adds value to your business’s image.

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