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A strong VA expands productivity

A virtual assistant is a literal extension of the business owner. By scheduling daily meetings, You can be sure a VA is informed of current events, and you can sync needed information for the day’s tasks. While your VA handles the details of smaller tasks, you can focus on the bigger projects that may impact the company in important ways. Obviously, this business arrangement requires complete trust and integrity between both parties. The value of a VA’s role is the fact they have access to all of your personal information and can conduct business on your behalf. This exchange simply will not work if it lacks mutual respect. Yet when you find the right fit, when there is a great relationship, it makes things run smooth and seamlessly. “It’s all about learning each other’s intricacies and learning what makes them tick, and after trust, you need respect on both sides. It’s crucial, because its a partnership, if it’s done right.

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